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‘Robot technology’ of Yujin robot is the future of Korea.

Established in March, 1988, Yujin Robot is a robot-specialized company that researches and develops intelligent-type service robots supplying conveniences to our lives with 25 years of knowhow and technology in robot business.

There are service robot products including ‘Iclebo’, cleaning robot, ‘Irobi Q’, the world’s first network education robot for kids, ‘Robosam’, robot for foreign language education, robot conducting dangerous work, silver-care robot, and so on.

Yujin Robot will lead the future of Korea’s robot industry by improving the quality of the service robots and conducting the continuous development of technology and make the best efforts to grow as a reliable and respectful company.

Based in Seoul’s Gasan Digital Complex, South Korea’s biggest IT centre, Yujin Robot was founded with the goal of creating intelligent robots that help humanity.
The company is dedicated to making the world a better place through robotics, liberating humanity from mundane tasks that take us away from activities that truly matter – like spending time with family and friends.
Yujin Robot’s team of creative individuals focus on expanding the boundaries of robotics for the world of today and tomorrow.

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