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Yujin Robot,

To become the world’s top 3 service robot company!

As Korea’s representative service robot company, Yujin Robot is doing the best to contribute to the development of Korea’s robot industry and the reinforcement of the national R&D capability.

2012.10 IClebo arte was awarded with the KES Award for Best Design
2012.06 Irobi Home, education robot for home, was released
2012.01 Service Robot was selected as a brand for Hi-Seoul
2011.12 Selected as the world’s Top product by Ministry of Knowledge & Economy
2011.12 Awarded with Tower of 5 million-dollar export (Korea Trade Association)
2011.01 Iclebo, cleaning robot, was selected as a brand for Hi-Seoul
2010.12 Iclebo, cleaning robot, acquired the smart intelligence-type quality certificate
2010.10 Selected as Technology-innovation small/medium company (INNO-BIZ)
2010.07 Icelbo smart, cleaning robot, home was released
2009.11 Awarded with Tower of one million-dollar export (Korea Trade Association) – the first time as a service robot company
2009.09 Acquired the ISO 14001 Environment management system certificate (KAB)
2009.07 Selected as a promising small/medium company for export (Seoul regional small/medium business administration)
2008.10 Released Iclebo Alpha, cleaning robot and Irobi, education robot for kid
2007.12 Released Iccomppa ppororo, educational toy robot
2007.04 Released Iclebo free, cleaning robot
2006.11 Irobi Q was awarded with Korea’s U-robot grand-prize (Ministry of Information and Communication)
2006.09 Started to export cleaning robots (Europe, Japan, Canada, etc.)
2005.11 Acquired ISO 9001 certificate
2005.10 Listed to KOSDAQ (merged with Gina World)
2005.01 Released Iclebo, cleaning robot
2004.12 Robhaz, robot doing dangerous work, was awarded with the new technology (KT certificate) (Ministry of Science and Technology)
2004.11 Irobi was awarded with the grand-prize from the Intelligence-type robot technology evaluation contest (Ministry of Industry and Resources)
2004.06 Released Irobi, home robot
2004.04 Commercialization of robot doing dangerous work (export to Japan and Australia and delivery to Zaytun Division)
2003.02 Selected as the national excellent manufacturing technology center (Ministry of Industry and Resources)
2001.10 Hosting institution for development task of robots for next-generation games/entertainment (Ministry of Industry and Resources)
1999.08 Co-development of robot doing dangerous work with Korea Science Technology Research Institute (Ministry of Science and Technology)
1997.06 Developed the acceleration Sensor semi-condoctor TTT system (Motorola)
1997.02 Established Intelligence-type robot company’s annex research center
1996.12 Completed automation of 6 German factories and established Fatec by cooperating with robot company
1996.09 Made distribution contracts with Staubi Robot and Climetrix
1995.07 Developed all-automatic Marking Robot system (Hyundai Heavy Industry)
1990.03 Made System House contract with Adept, U.S.
1988.03 Established Yujin Robotics, Co., Ltd.
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