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YUJIN ROBOT  Corporate Identity

The symbol mark of Yujin Robot embodies a robot as a companion connecting a person to a person.
It represents the friendliness of a robot contributing to human’s convenient and pleasant life.
The color of the symbol, YUJIN Lightblue, holds the vision of a company that intends to open the warm ubiquitous world together with robots emotionally.

San Serif font was used for the logotype to add the modern feel and credibility and the impact was given by differentiating the thickness of YUJIN and ROBOT.
The color of the logo type, YUJIN Darkblue, expresses the challenging spirit that the company aims to step up as the world’s robot company as well as the stability.

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Symbol mark

The symbol mark is a representative visual element symbolizing YUJIN ROBOT and one of core communication elements to deliver YUJIN ROBOT’s images to customers.
In principle, symbol mark is expressed in three dimensions and other than signature, it can be expressed as Motif. When it is used alone, the height should not be less than 10 mm.


The logotype was developed by taking into consideration of plastic features of symbol mark and in order to deliver the effective image, in principle, it should be used together with the symbol mark. The font, thickness, ratio, etc. of the logotype cannot be altered randomly and the color regulation should be observed.

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