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Project Description

KobukiYour idea as it is in the real life

The low-cost R&D platform with the top functions

Kobuki has highly reliable odometry and long battery hours and provides power for an external sensor and actuator. With the structure customized by a user’s demand, it for development and research of various robots.

• Supply of accurate odometry through 3-axle gyro and high-resolution wheel encoder
• Installation of imbedded board is possible through Rx / Tx ping serial port and USB.
• Support of additional power to new sensors and actuators through 5V / 1A, 12V / 1.5A, and 12V / 5A power sockets.
• 3 hours with the basic batter and more than 7 hours of operation with big-sized battery (optional)
• Simultaneous charging of robot and notebook is possible through 19V / 2.1A power socket.

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Turtlebot 2Reference Platform

TurtleBot 2 is an open robotics platform designed for education and research on state of art robotics. 거북이는 터틀봇의 공식 플랫폼입니다.

With continuous operation in mind, Kobuki provides power supplies for an external computer as well as additional sensors and actuators. Its highly accurate odometry, amended by our factory calibrated gyroscope, enables precise navigation.


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